Preschool Easter Activities

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Now that St. Patrick's Day is over, we have busted out the eggs and are in full Easter mode over here!

Here is a super fun Easter FREEBIE! How cute are these bunny bums?! Add in tongs or tweezers to make this a fine motor activity!! Grab the free download, below.

Spin and cover color matching FREEBIE!

Looking for more Easter activities? Here is a look inside my Easter Preschool Pack. All of these activities are from my Easter pack in my TPT shop!

Easter Preschool Pack

Hayden has been working SO hard on writing his name, and name crafts are always motivating for him. He LOVES to cut and glue ;)! I wrote his name on the basket, and he wrote each letter on an egg, cut them out, and glued them on the basket. I'm so proud of how his writing is coming along!

This stacking egg activity is SUPER fun! Take the eggs apart, and count and stack the eggs on each number.

Lowercase/ Uppercase Alphabet Puzzles- You can throw these in a sensory bin for some extra fun!

We love oil pastel and watercolor art! For this activity, we talked about different types of lines. Then, we used oil pastels to decorate eggs and bunnies with various lines. We painted over the top with watercolors! My boys loved this, we came back to this one for three days!

Fine Motor Bead Counting

Egg Patterns- Create and extend patterns with Easter eggs and egg cartons 

Cut the egg carton to make it into a ten frame. Solve each addition problem, by placing eggs into the ten frame carton.

Alphabet Eggs- Place a  letter inside each egg. Open the egg and trace the letter on the recording sheet.

 Hayden has always loves puzzles from a very young age, so I try to add in puzzle activities whenever I can. How cute are these bunnies and carrot shapes?! We reviewed the easy shapes, and introduced more difficult shapes like octagon, parallelogram, and pentagon.

Another puzzle activity! These were rhyming puzzle eggs.

This was pretty easy for him, but I always want to make sure we are reviewing! Beginning sound and lowercase/uppercase basket and egg match.

Anything that involves droppers is always a blast! I drew an egg on wax paper, with various sized circles. He used liquid watercolors to fill each circle.

We have SO many mini erasers, and they were perfect for filling these alphabet cards.

 This was intended for Hayden, but both boys had a blast. I drew a giant egg on our large paper roll, and wrote sight words on the egg. Hayden (and Grayson) threw the beanbags, and Hayden would read the word it landed on.
 A simple sensory bin for the little guy!

I used food coloring in a bag of salt, to make this adorable writing tray! He practiced tracing the letters with dry erase marker, and then he drew the letters in the sand tray.

Here is a cute little number line. Practice ordering the numbers, and counting objects under each number.

We have done a few sensory bins for Easter. We got these cute little baskets, chicks, and table scatter from Hobby Lobby.

Counting Jellybeans - super simple and FUN!

Have you ever used the paper shred from the Dollar Tree in a sensory bin? We love it! This carrot patch shape sort was a HIT with both of my boys. We attached the shape rabbits to a Dixie cup and placed the matching carrot shapes inside the cup.

What is more fun than using candy to learn?! He would roll our jumbo dice, and add that many jellybeans to the jar! Of course, he had to sneak a few in his mouth!

Beginning Sound Play Doh Stamp- Roll a ball of dough. Stamp the letter onto each bunny belly!

One of the favorites this week was this Easter themed play doh tray! We threw in some mini erasers, carrots, bunnies and cookie cutters. My boys played with this one FOREVER! We got these bunny and carrots eggs from the Dollar Tree.

These little cuties were from Michaels!

We threw them into a split pea sensory bin too! Carrot and pea soup, anyone?!

   Have you made Oobleck before? It is SO MESSY, but so much fun! You just mix cornstarch and water (for this we added cocoa powder too) until you get the right consistency. 

We have a lot more Easter fun planned for the next two weeks, so be sure to follow along @michele_dillon to see what we are up to!

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