Indoor Ice Skating

Oh winter….. we are ready for you to be OVER! All of us have been going a little stir crazy with these cold days! My boys love to get outside to run, and we haven’t been able to with the freezing temperatures. My boys are WILD, so I had to think of something fun to get their wiggles out. We were just reading the book, A Loud Winter’s Nap. So adorable! My son’s favorite part was when the turtle was sledding down the hill, slipped on the ice, and slid down to the ice skating rink with his friends. This book inspired us to create an indoor ice skating rink to play on.

Super easy! I just rolled out our craft paper, and then cut wax paper to put under his feet. It does get slippery, so watch out if your little one isn’t super coordinated! I placed a stack of sight word snowflakes down at one end. Hayden skated back and forth, reading and gathering sight word cards.

If you need something to keep your little ones busy on these cold days, give this a try! I wanted to share our sight word snowflakes as a free download, and I also included a set of alphabet snowflakes if your child is working on their letters! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Grab your ABC Snowflakes OR Sight Word Snowflakes HERE!

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